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The expression “The sky’s the limit” best illustrates Schneider Mills capabilities at utilizing fibers. Here at Schneider Mills, our masters of craft commonly use on a daily basis nylon, polyester and acetate at deniers ranging from 20 as high as 2000. There are numerous types of weaving patterns used in our industry. Those weave types range from plain to fancy dobby patterns. Currently we are producing fabrics that vary in weight from .5 oz/yd to 20 oz/yd. If you require something that is beyond our current scope, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives to see if we can fit your needs. Schneider Mills has grown over the decades to encompass the modern equipment necessary to get the job completed to your specifications.

When it comes to any textile job, Schneider Mills will be with you every step of the way. From start to finish, rely on us to guide you. Whether your end use is as simple as fabric used for an umbrella or as complex as a parachute landing a rover on a distant planet. We at Schneider Mills have you covered.

From manufacturing fabric for parachutes to automotive airbags and surgical bandages, Schneider Mills strives for excellence in all that it does.

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